Visual Learning Tools

3D Technology for the Classroom

Trifecta™ 800 3D Printer


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Projects and Lessons

Designed exclusively for K-12 students’ education. Curious learners love the open design for better viewing, educators appreciate the small footprint and light weight for ease in moving from desk to desk, and environmentalists will admire the filament’s biodegradable properties. Bring your lessons to life with Trifecta™ 800 3D Printer and Software. Easily slice designs and conveniently print them for use with curriculum-based content, rapid-prototyping, and more.


Interactive Touch Screen


Design Center 2300

New Design Center Software 2.0
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The Design Center 2300 is the central hub for the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools. Pre-loaded with VariQuest Software, it guides the user through the creation of customized posters, banners, cutouts, manipulatives, awards and stickers. Bring the power of touch-screen technology to your workroom and transform your school into a robust visual learning environment!

Print Posters in Seconds


PerfectaTM 2400 

Full-color poster design system

The first full-color poster design system developed exclusively for schools. Its compact footprint and fully integrated educational content make it an ideal solution for schools. The Perfecta Plus Package contains everything you need to start creating beautiful, full-color posters including thousands of educationally relevant templates and graphics as well as the latest VariQuest Design Center 2300, touch-enabled workstation!

poster maker

Poster Maker 3600

Poster Maker Paper
Poster Maker Templates
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Encourage cooperative group work and promote school pride with large, static visuals for your classrooms. Scan any 8 ½” by 11” document to poster sizes ranging from 17” to 36” wide, or use VariQuest software with 700 customizable poster and banner templates. Also Includes automatic cutter and supply recognition feature. No need for costly ink and toner cartridges.

Scalable eDies

cutout maker.png

Cutout Maker 1800

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The first electronic die-cutter designed specifically for schools, automatically cuts letters, numbers, manipulatives, curriculum-rich shapes and bulletin board collections from construction paper, cardstock and bond paper. More than 4,600 shapes, 18 fonts and 228 bulletin board collections are available in the form of intricate VariQuest eDies (electronic dies), all scalable from 1” to 17 ½” in size.

On-The-Spot Recognition & Fundraising Tool

award maker

Awards Maker 400

Awards Maker Templates
Awards Maker Supplies
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Create customized award plaques, trophy plates, flashcards, nametags, parking permits, bumper stickers and more .No minimum order quantities, set-up fees or long lead times usually required by print shops.  With 600 customizable award and sticker templates, the Awards Maker helps create a motivational learning environment for students and teachers.

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