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Professional Development Series

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• Instructional Strategies for ELL Students Using VariQuest

• Incorporating Technology in Your School Using VariQuest

• Visual Learning Webinar:
          Develop Student Thinking Skills with VariQuest and Inspiration

• Differentiated Instruction Webinar: 
          How to use the VariQuest tools to enhance your instructional strategies
          and classroom management techniques.

Product Training

Live Training Webinars

Pre-recorded Training Videos

Lessons & Activities

Curriculum-based lessons and activities featuring different ways VariQuest Visual Learning tools can be used together to enhance instruction and help students meet and exceed standards.

Early Childhood, K-12 and Special Education

Career & Technical Education

Building Career Pathways Through School-Based Enterprises: VariQuest Visual Learning Tools enable business teachers and students, as well as DECA chapters, to set up a school store that provides opportunity to learn and apply real business skills.

Career & Technical Education

Classroom Applications

Information and applications specifically for teachers

Funding Sources

Funding Sources

White Papers

VariQuest Visual Learning Tools help teachers differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all types of learners. Keeping students engaged in school and motivated to succeed is the foundation to a lifetime of learning and accomplishment for students at any grade level. Below are the most recent white papers from VariQuest.

Exceptional Needs, At-Risk and 21st Century Die Cutters


 Kathy Shrock's Guide for Educators

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