Set students up for success!

VariQuest® tools give educators and students everything they need to succeed in their career pathways.

Successfully transitioning from secondary education to a career or college is critical. With VariQuest Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Tools, students are able to develop and hone the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century economy. By integrating meaningful visuals and hands-on learning, VariQuest enhances all 16 Career Clusters™.

Contact us to learn more about funding opportunities and how our tools support career pathways!


______________________________________________________Success Story: Pink Brains vs. Blue Brains: What Neuroscience Teaches Us about STEM


The focus of student achievement has extended beyond reading and math scores and shifted to a "learning by doing, making, building, and discovering" approach. Despite the fact that this resurgence in experiential learning is supported by recent brain-based research about cognition, problem-solving, and innovation, females are still under-represented in STEM-based programs and careers. This session, presented in partnership with Dr. Melissa Hughes, explores neuroscientific findings about cognitive function, those factors which enhance or impede cognition, as well as the long-standing gender biases that have shaped the educational experiences provided to boys and girls in the classroom. Join us to learn how to apply these findings in your instruction, and engage all students in whole-brain STEM-based learning experiences.

Click here to register!

______________________________________________________Success Story: Hondo Valley School District

Cindy Gomez, administrative assistant of the Hondo Valley School district, was recently trained on the use of the district's 3D printer, the Trifecta. Student Bryan Masias (below) also received training. Then, Bryan designed and printed a ring for Ms. Gomez. When completed, the ring fit perfectly and even had her name "engraved" on it.

Ms. Gomez is in charge of the many VariQuest machines the district owns, as well as a binding system by Powis Parker. She noted that the faculty frequently use their Perfecta full color Poster design system and Cutout Maker to support their curriculum. The machines allow the faculty to save  me for the many activities and duties they have. Plus, the Cutout Maker occupies less space than traditional template cutout makers, space that is at a premium in any district.

iab 0717

Along with her many duties for the district, Ms. Gomez is the instructor for the Hondo Fiesta Folklorico Dance Group. She is excited about creating a poster advertising the annual Fiesta as well as using the Powis Parker binding machine to make a book of pictures that she has collected from past Hondo Fiestas. She also plans to use the binding machine to create teacher handbooks, which she noted was a much faster and more permanent system than plastic ring binding.

iab 07172

Ms. Gomez expressed interest in using the printing and binding systems to create the Hondo Valley School District's yearbook. Many districts have found that they can create yearbooks faster, better, and much more affordable than using traditional methods. They aren't left with extra books they had to pay for but can print exactly the number of yearbooks that they need. And they end up with extra money for other projects.

If you would like more information, please contact us at 505‐268‐6520 or

______________________________________________________Success Story: NMSBA School Law Conference

We had a great  me at NMSBA's School Law Conference, meeting new folks and renewing old friendships. It's so rewarding to have School Admnistrators stop by to tell us how beneficial our VariQuest Visual and Kinesthe c Learning Tools and Fastback Binding systems have been for their teachers, students and staff. Thanks to Ricky Williams ‐ Hagerman Schools, Sheryl McNellis‐Martinez ‐ Wagon Mound, Marvin Martin ‐ Hondo and Audrey Powell ‐ Dora for reaching out to us. Look for their success stories in up coming issues.

The majority of School Board members and School Administrators that we spoke to agreed that our new Performance Guarantee is an affordable and valuable service that will maintain continued success. The ability to maintain equipment for longer periods of time at a fixed cost, and periodic training assements topped the list of reasons. Using the tools to generate profits was another favorite.

Our Performance Guarantee provides:

  • Limited downtime
  • Expense predictability
  • Product efficiency
  • On‐going support

For more information contact us at 505‐268‐6520 or


Introducing Edie Scott

I have been very fortunate this year in being hired by Visual Impressions to be the Customer Success Manager. I recently retired from over two decades as a classroom teacher, so I was excited about the possibility of bringing my experience from my career in education to this business position.


As you know, a teacher's responsibilities never decrease with time. Every year brings more - more paperwork, more record-keeping, more students - but LESS TIME. The machines sold by Visual Impressions extend the dwindling amount of time an educator has for planning, creating, and implementing new lessons.

If I'd had a poster maker at my school, I could have created pertinent visuals for my classroom that would have enriched and reinforced my lessons. If I'd had an awards maker, I could have provided recognition for a struggling student or a well-deserved pat-on-the-back for

one of my scholars. I had never even seen a cold laminator before coming to Visual Impressions. What a fantastic tool!

I was always on the lookout for prepared lessons that fit the standards I was tasked with. Variquest has learning modules that are aligned with New Mexico Common Core standards. Designed by educators, these modules encompass all subjects and age groups, and are straightforward and easy to implement.

In most of the schools I worked, fundraising was a necessary and constant challenge. The tools sold by Visual Impressions could have increased net profits by producing posters, gala invitations, name tags, etcetera, in-house instead of having to purchase them. And, with the ease of use of the machinery, the students could have done much of the work.

These machines support the curriculum in such immediate and pertinent ways. I spent a lot of my own money on visual aides for my classrooms. Being able to create a poster relevant to each unit I was teaching would have been invaluable for my students. And the Cutout Maker would have made my teaching years so much easier. Not having to space letters, and not having to use the clunky, awkward dies would have been heavenly!

In my job as customer success manager, I'll be visiting schools, as well as attending conferences. I look forward to meeting you, and making my past experience your future success!

Best Regards,


VariQuest Perfecta 3600STP is the only scan-to-print full color printing system that exists to support and improve school-wide communication. Whether you're differentiating instruction via colorful infographics, promoting district-wide initiatives through engaging posters, or boosting school pride with spirited banners, you can send the right message with ease. Perfecta 3600STP has a fully-integrated scanner and comes equipped with the VariQuest Design Center, a touch-enabled workstation storing thousands of education-based templates and graphics, making poster-designing a cinch.

Schools use Perfectatm 3600STP to...

  • Apply instructional scaffolding with graphic organizers
  • Monitor student progress with development charts
  • Promote academic achievement with photo recognition posters
  • Differentiate instruction with infographics, diagrams, and mind-maps
  • Enlarge and display student artwork with ease
  • Scan graphic organizers and print smaller copies for student portfolios
  • Build school spirit by promoting student organizations and sports teams
  • Foster a sense of community with custom event posters, banners, and big heads
  • Promote project-based learning by creating products for student-based enterprises

Follow this link to watch a video of the Perfecta 3600STP in action!

______________________________________________________Professional Development

Whole-Brain Instruction in Multi-Sensory Experiences 

Register for this event taking place on December 7th, 2016.


Until recently, we believed that intelligence and creativity were fixed traits. We now know differently. The capacity to learn, solve problems and be creative is hardwired into our brains - we either tap into it and nurture it or we don't. Whole-brain teaching and learning is a sound solution for educators who are looking for ways to engage their students with experiential activities that improve cognition, memory, and problem solving skills. Join us for this informative webinar that explores the fundamental elements of whole-brain instruction in multi-sensory experiences.


Fastback 20 Binder

Print and bind custom yearbooks in-house! This collaborative, hands-on project helps students improve writing, graphic design, marketing skills and more. Our Fastback 20 is the perfect finishing tool for creating professional quality yearbooks your students will be proud to own!
School price: $3,995

Binding Styles: 

    Tape Bind             Image Strip          Perfect Bind         Hardcover

Fast, easy to operate, and affordable. Great for:

  • Journals 
  • Reports  
  • E.O.C.'s
  • Book repair
  • Student Publishing
  • Yearbooks

______________________________________________________Professional Development

From Classrooms to Makerspaces
Register for this event taking place on October 17, 2016.

The focus of student achievement has extended beyond reading and math scores. As Common Core and STEM- and STEAM-based learning create a shift away from rote academics, more and more teachers are applying the "learning by doing" approach to instruction. This resurgence in experiential learning has become known as the maker movement, and recent brain-based research supports this method of instruction as it aligns with the way the brain functions best. This session is designed for educators who are looking for pedagogically sound experiences to begin to transform their classrooms into maker spaces. Join us to explore cross-curricular learning experiences as well as how the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Tools make it easy for you to create your own.

______________________________________________________New School Year Promotions


We're at it again, and just in time for the start of the 2016-17 school year! In 
partnership with The Curriculum Corner, VariQuest® has launched two educational resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. The Punctuation Writing Unit for primary classrooms, and OpinionWriting Unit for intermediate classrooms, are two units of study developed by VariQuest in conjunction with The Curriculum Corner, our reputable partner in delivering valuable and high quality educational content.

Opinion writing can be extremely engaging for young writers who typically enjoy sharing their thoughts on topics, but we want our students to learn that simply stating their feelings about something isn't enough. Backing their ideas with evidence and support is what will ultimately lead others to take those opinions more seriously. Teaching effective opinion writing in elementary school can lay the foundation for more thoughtful and powerful writers in the future.

This unit, developed by two passionate educators and founders of The Curriculum Corner, has been created with this idea in mind. These lessons are meant to serve as workshop mini-lessons to teach students the art of purposeful opinion writing. Some of the lessons might be best taught over the course of a few days in order to keep them brief and to stay true to the writer's workshop model. Use them as a guide as you determine the specific needs of the students in your classroom.

Interested in implementing this engaging unit in your intermediate classroom? Take 10 seconds to fill out the form below to download the unit for free! This resource includes: 

  • 13 comprehensive lessons that detail the lesson's objective, materials, preparation, procedure, and extensions; lessons can be adapted for exceptional learners beyond intermediate grades
  • Nearly 50 downloadable materials, including anchor visuals, graphic organizers, exit tickets, flashcards, and more
  • Description of the Writer's Workshop model to follow lessons for best results

Trifecta 800

Address the needs of kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners by walking through printing a three-dimensional object and relating it to a lesson.

 Differentiate instruction by providing another means of acquiring, processing, and constructing content and ideas in a digital and physical capacity.

 Engage students with whole-brain experiences that combine left-brained analysis tasks with right-brained visual perception learning.

 Amplify the value of makerspaces by connecting curiosity with curriculum.

School Price: $ 2,995.00

______________________________________________________Success Story: Roosevelt Elementary School

Tracy Benally, Librarian at Roosevelt Elementary School in Gallup New Mexico loves their new Perfecta! Since it was installed 2 months ago, Tracy says they have printed over 50 posters! Prior to owning the Perfecta full color poster design system, Roosevelt's teachers had two options for creating classroom visuals. From scratch - which meant hand drawn, colored, pictures cut from magazines and pasted etc. - or none at all. Although the work was very creative and original, the investment in supplies and particularly in time was very costly.

"The students always comment on how beautiful the posters are, and with bold colorful letters they are easy to read" Tracy says. Administrators are pleased to be able to provide an easy to use tool that can be utilized in so many ways and is supported by on-going training and professional development. Teachers love the relevant content, not to mention time savings!

When asked what the best feature of the Perfecta is, Tracy replied, "The large touch screen Design Center is so easy to use to choose templates and change or import your own graphics and it clearly displays the end result before printing, but the software is by far the best feature!"

The Perfecta has been so helpful in other ways that we never imagined! We've created Parking Lot signs, and posters for the community memorializing a recently passed veteran. We also decorated our chain link fence with patriotic banners for the Veterans Day Parade.

How does Tracy sum it up? "It's fabulous...awesome! We love it!"

______________________________________________________Transform Your Classroom!


As students enter the corridors of Dolgeville Elementary School (and their classrooms) it's easy for them to become enthralled with the colorful displays that adorn nearly every wall of their building thanks to their creative staff and the VariQuest Cutout Maker. When Dreams Come True In spring of 2014, Susan Butler's (Principal at Dolgeville) dream came true when their Parent Teacher Organization purchased the Cutout Maker for their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. This gesture of gratitude is typical of their PTO, but usually the gift is around $500-$600. In 2014 however, after Susan saw the Cutout Maker at a trade show, she was able to talk them into a larger purchase turning her dream into a reality. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.52.32 PM

And how has the Cutout Maker been received since? Here's what Susan has to say: "At first, the teachers didn't know why we needed the machine since we already had a (manual die-cutting system). However, once they discovered all it could do and how easy and fast it was to produce what they wanted, they fell in love. The machine is used every day. Before school starts in August, and before any holiday, there is a line to use it. There is evidence of the Cutout Maker in every room in my school. The high school coaches and teachers have now begun to come to the elementary to use the machine as well. We love it." 

-Susan Butler, Principal

Dolgeville's Deep Sense of Community:

Reading Dragon2

Not only is there a real sense of community amongst the staff at Dolgeville Elementary, but with their parents as well. Parents are actively involved in a program called PARP (Parents as Reading Partners), which is a reading initiative at their school. This year's theme is Enchanted Reading...check out some of the creative ways they're using the Cutout Maker to make reading magical!

4,000 ovals were cut from the Cutout Maker to make the dragon scales. Every time a student reads a book they write their name on a scale. Teachers used the 'as many possible on page' feature in the VariQuest Software to complete this project easily and efficiently.

Enchanted Reading Theme mirrors
Dragon Enchanted Reading

School Custodian Gary Kirchofer embraces the importance of community by making everyone who enters their building feel welcomed with the help of the Cutout Maker. Last year in preparation for their PreK graduation ceremony, he cut a graduation cap for every student with their name on it and used them to decorate the main entrance of their school, making a proud moment for the little graduates and their parents even more special. "Our school's purchase of the VariQuest machine has most certainly proven to be an asset for me. The machine allows me to create interesting displays for our students in a very short time. What took our staff a long time of tracing and cutting can now be produced in a matter of minutes. The diversity of designs available with the VariQuest Cutout Maker makes for very creative displays. I like to use the machine to decorate the lobby of the school to make it inviting for parents and students." -Gary Kirchofer, Custodian Staffs Lives Made Easier

Teachers, teaching assistants, and volunteers have all gotten into the Cutout Maker action! They use it daily to create a variety of bulletin boards, cutout letters, calendars, word walls and other engaging displays, while saving valuable time. They love the ability to scale over 4000 shapes, letters and manipulatives, as well as the many unique font styles. But hey, don't let us tell what some of their teachers have to say!

"I feel the VariQuest Cutout Maker has been such an amazing and wonderful addition to our school. It has helped ease the preparation for projects and bulletin boards immensely by taking the time out of tracing and cutting. The wide variety of letters and objects available has helped broaden what I add to my projects and bulletin boards. It also has allowed for a more individual approach to creating things." -Kimberlee Maxwell, Kindergarten Teacher

Little Red Riding Hood

Buzzy Readers

"I am an elementary teaching assistant for over 10 years. During my tenure, on many occasions, I have had to trace and cut out projects as prep for our primary teachers. The task was very time consuming. Now that DCS has the VariQuest [Cutout Maker] machine these tasks are much easier. The machine is used daily by myself and many staff members. It allows you to create and design projects in less time and the results are extraordinary. The VariQuest machine has made our school a very imaginative environment." -Ellen Lewandowski, Teaching Assistant

Word Wall
Math Guide

Anti-Bully Team

"There are an abundance of sports themed pictures to choose from. I use it to decorate the gym bulletin boards, for pep rallies and for my basketball and baseball teams." -Sarah Flint, Physical Education Teacher

Thanks Dolgeville Elementary for inviting us to stroll through the corridors of your school to see all the amazing things you're doing everyday to promote student engagement and foster the needs of every learner. 

______________________________________________________Professional Development

Our professional development is brought to you by Dr. Melissa Hughes of the Andrick Group.

iab 0416

Dr. Hughes holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and master's degrees in Instructional Technology and Educational Administration. Currently Dr. Hughes develops and delivers professional development workshops across the country to improve teaching and learning. 

Watch this video for more information!

The next webinar, "Getting Started with Interactive Notebooks" is coming up on April 26th.

As teachers strive to provide learning experiences that enable students to create their own meaning and demonstrate learning in creative ways, interactive notebooks have become more than a new way to take notes. Foldables, graphic organizers, concept webs, diagrams, and other visuals enable students to use whole-brain thinking to demonstrate their learning. Interactive notebooks provide a cohesive structure for multiple learning styles and engage students to be active participants in their learning. Join us to learn how to get started with interactive notebooks as well as use the VariQuest Cutout Maker to create expressive portfolios of individual learning.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your classroom, you can register for the 9AM Central Standard Time-slot here!

Coming up May 11th will be "From Classrooms to Makerspaces."

The focus of student achievement has extended beyond reading and math scores. As Common Core and STEM- and STEAM-based learning create a shift away from rote academics, more and more teachers are applying the "learning by doing" approach to instruction. This resurgence in experiential learning has become known as the maker movement, and recent brain-based research supports this method of instruction as it aligns with the way the brain functions best. This session is designed for educators who are looking for pedagogically sound experiences to begin to transform their classrooms into maker spaces. Join us to explore cross-curricular learning experiences as well as how the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Tools make it easy for you to create your own.

Registration for this event will be available soon.

We want you to know that there are many funding sources and grants available to help you make your investment in VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Tools, and we've done the work to provide you with the most current information you need. Follow this link to view some of the most common funding strands  along with cost justification and applications!

Additionally, we want you to know that we offer referral incentives! If your school benefits from VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, your recommendations can earn you products free of charge! Choose from...

  • 1 Roll of 23" DTP Blue/White VariQuest Poster Maker Paper
  • 1 Roll of 23" DTP Blue/White PosterPrinter Paper (pre-2007 models)
  • 1 Roll of Black Ribbon for your Awards Maker
  • 1 VariQuest Sticker Station - an adhesive applicator that turns your cutouts into repositionable stickers!

Complete the form on this page to submit your referral and request your free supply now!

______________________________________________________Professional Development

"I see and I forget. I hear and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

Little did Confucius know that his belief would be the root of many pedagogical truths, even thousands of years later. This very belief, that poetically explains the reasoning behind whole-brain learning, is what VariQuest has decided to dive into for the launch of our brand new professional development offering.


VariQuest has partnered with Dr. Melissa Hughes of The Andrick Group to bring educators free professional development webinars. Webinars focus on one of the four following topics:

  1. Engage Students with Whole-Brain Experiences
  2. Using Anchor Charts as an Effec1ve Teaching Tool
  3. Gecng Started with Interac1ve Notebooks
  4. From Classrooms to Makerspaces

In addition to learning sound instructional methods, attendees will learn unique and effective ways to use the VariQuest tools to increase student engagement.


In partnership with VariQuest, each webinar is hosted by curriculum expert Dr. Melissa Hughes. As the founder and President of The Andrick Group, Dr. Hughes holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and a master's in Instructional Technology and Educational Administration. She has authored more than a dozen resource publications and developed countless instructional materials for the classroom based upon sound pedagogy and best practice.

Dr Hughes:


Webinars are held monthly between Spring and Fall 2016. The first webinar on Engage Students with Whole-Brain Experiences will be held Thursday, March 3rd at 9am and 2:30pm CST.


All webinars and registration will be hosted on the VariQuest Resource Center under the Professional Development section. Click here to register for the first webinar!


How about "why not?" Maximize your VariQuest investment by learning proven ways of differentiating instruction and engaging students through free impactual webinars that are sure to get the wheels turning in your head and your students'.


iab 0216

If you have attended any of the education conferences in New Mexico, you have probably seen our electric display of visual and kinesthetic learning tools and book binding systems. The immediate reaction is usually "This is exactly what we need!" followed by "How much does it cost?"

It's easy to grasp the value these tools hold for your school, and easy to associate a high price tag to go along with it! Most people are surprised to learn just how affordable they are. All of these amazing tools, designed to address academic performance, awards, recognition and communication (to students, staff, parents, and community) are priced under $5,000.00.

But there's more! What you might not see at first glance is the added value our customers gain access to, like:

  • On-line training and professional development webinars.
  • VariQuest Customer Resource Center with product-related lessons, content, and activities.
  • Informative VariQuest blog.
  • Quick reference "How to" videos.
  • Monthly newsletter updates and Facebook posts. (Play along and win prizes!)
  • Solutions for CTE programs, athletic departments, Makerspaces and more.
  • Personal customer service.
  • Certified technical support.

Finally what I consider to be extremely valuable is...this is technology that LASTS! In fact many NM schools are using the same equipment today that they purchased 10-12 years ago.

Used by over 37,000 schools nationwide, there is no other school technology investment that has the same impact! What you can't afford is missing out!


A Mystery Bound by Many Names...


Owner Margaret Otero is an avid gardener, a dog lover, a lifelong resident of Albuquerque and a small business owner of 35 years. Her experiences span from restaurant operation, child care, and office administration for other small businesses. She has spent 16 years with her present company, originally known solely as InaBind of New Mexico. So where did New Mexico School Toolsand Visual Impressions come from?

Well, in 1999 Margaret was awarded New Mexico's sole distributorship for Fastback Binding Systems, and InaBind of New Mexico began developing relationships with federal, state, and local government agencies as well as businesses in the private sector. Because Fastback's book-producing and enhancing products had the potential to offer tremendous advantages to schools, Margaret began to shift her primary focus from businesses to educational institutions. 

By 2005, she had established customers in 49 NM School districts and 8 NM Colleges and Universities. The demand was strong, so she began to look for additional products that could both benefit schools and expand her business. Around this same time (2001) another company (Visual Impressions Plus) emerged as New Mexico's sole distributor of VariQuest Visual Learning Tools. In 2011, the owner (Rick James) was ready to retire and sell his business. Since both companies had the same customers, same territory, same setup and same objectives, Margaret felt purchasing it and continuing its legacy was a given!  
In order to both maintain each company's renown name recognition and accurately represent their combined identities, NM School Tools was born!

And what is so special about these "Visual Learning Tools?"

VariQuest's Visual Learning Tools are specifically designed for K-12 education supplementation. Its software is curriculum based and standards aligned, providing education technology solutions that improve academic progress and classroom engagement using visual aids - an integral component of the whole brain experience.

As a local vendor, NM School Tools understands specific needs that New Mexico Schools face, and Margaret is able to provide total support - from funding, to training and beyond. She is now serving 81 of the 89 school districts in New Mexico!

Look for her on the road, traversing New Mexico's beautiful landscape in her "Tool Bus" (mobile classroom) and let her know how VariQuest tools and Fastback binding systems have enhanced your classroom experience! Success stories are featured in each monthly newsletter, maybe your school could be next!

Visit Margaret's website,, "like" her Facebook page, and SHARE this newsletter to help spread the word!

For now, I think we can consider this mystery solved! 

______________________________________________________What is Perfecta™ 2400?

iab 1215

Designed by the makers of the original Varitronics PosterPrinter™ - used by over 37,000 schools since 1988 - the VariQuest Perfecta™ 2400 System is your ideal solution for printing full-color posters and banners right at your school!

It is the only wide-format prin9ng system bundled with a software program designed exclusively for educators. The VariQuest Design Center Software includes thousands of curriculum-rich templates that can easily be customized and printed for immediate use.

______________________________________________________What is Trifecta™ 800?

Trifecta is a one-of-a-kind 3D printer that was established solely for school use. While other printers are made to appeal to a wide variety of markets, the focus of Trifecta is exclusively on enhancing K-12 students' education and seamlessly incorporating 3D technology school-wide. Curious learners will love the open design for better viewing during prints, educators will appreciate the printer's light weight and quiet nature, and environmentalists will admire the filament's biodegradable properties.

Trifecta comes with everything you need to get started, including dozens of curriculum-based lesson plans and projects, as well as Trifecta™ Software for slicing your designs into a print-ready file.

But how will it enrich your school? Use Trifecta to...

  • Address the needs of kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners by walking through printing a three-dimensional object and relating it to a lesson.
  • Differentiate instruction by providing another means of acquiring, processing, and constructing content and ideas in a digital and physical capacity.
  • Engage students with whole-brain experiences that combine left-brained analysis tasks with right-brained visual perception learning.
  • Amplify the value of makerspaces by connecting curiosity with curriculum.

 Powys ViewR - Virtual Reality on your Smartphone

Google's Cardboard project makes virtual reality accessible to more people without any expensive or specialized hardware. Use the smartphone that's already in your pocket and tour famous landmarks, watch 3D movies or enjoy incredible gaming experiences. 

Powis ViewR Features

  • New & Improved Ergonomic Design.
  • New & Improved Button.
  • Improved Optics and QR Code.
  • Dual adjustable lenses.
  • Durability.
  • Works with all smartphones 4-6.5 inches. Android, iPhone, Windows.

Made with pride in the USA. Fully assembled.

______________________________________________________Success Story: At S.O.D.A, Dreams are Coming True!


If you're still just considering buying some of the fantastic tools that Visual Impressions  has to offer, you should talk to Michael Ogas, Principal of School of Dreams Academy (SODA) in Los Lunas, NM.  Mr. Ogas recently purchased a complete suite of tools, including the Perfecta Full Color Poster Design Center,  a Cutout Maker, an Awards Maker, a Fastback Model 20 Binder, a Cold Laminator and ID Card System for his school, and he couldn't be happier about the purchase!

"It's going to help in so many ways!" he said recently in a phone interview.  The biggest benefit seems to be the fact that they can generate products in-house.  They've started with signage around the school (such as "No Smoking" and "Please check in at the office"), but it will also be used to create posters and banners that will be taken to competitions as well as put up around school.  They're producing their own student planners and IDs, and they intend to design, print, and bind their own yearbooks for the first time this year.  They're also doing school-promoting things like bumper stickers.  It seems like the up-front investment will pay off in the end, allowing them to do things themselves instead of sending it out to a business each time. 

When asked what prompted this investment, Mr. Ogas stated, "We saw an annual that was produced in-house by Deming High School using some of this equipment, and that made us interested in the tools."  Once David Marquez and Margaret Otero demonstrated the tools in person and saw the variety of products that could be created using them, they were sold.  "We immediately decided we wanted to get it.  We had a little extra money from a grant we received earlier this year from becoming an early college high school, and we knew this would be a good investment of the funds.”  

That investment seems to be paying off already.  In addition to the bumper stickers made with the Award Maker that allow the students to design, produce, and sell their own creations as a fundraiser, the school produced their own student planners this year.  "They're better than any we've gotten from a company!" Mr. Ogas was proud to say.  "They were more personalized because we did them in-house.  And there's other benefits as well, such as we can make more as they are needed."  That same benefit is one of the main reasons for producing their annual in-house as well, something both students and faculty are looking forward to doing.  

So why purchase from Visual Impressions?  "It was looking at the quality of the stuff that could be produced.  Once we saw the products, we were sold.  We were outsourcing a lot of stuff, and it can get pretty expensive."  By making a larger up-front investment, Mr. Ogas and School of Dreams Academy will have the ability to generate a variety of quality products for their school for many years.  That flexibility is also one of the advantages; once you have the equipment, you can use it to fulfill a wide range of needs.  "Our school has lots of clubs that compete, and we need to make banners and advertisements for them.  For example, the Dance Team competes in a four-state regional competition, we have lots of art activities in our school, etc.  Most of these are multi-dimensional competitions that require business plans and such."  With the tools SODA purchased from Visual Impressions, the students can learn to use the equipment to fulfill all these needs.  As for the life expectancy of the tools, Mr. Ogas said that they plan on putting them through their paces.  "If they can last with us, they can last for anybody!" he chuckles.  "We plan on using them a lot!” 

They've already gotten some good use out of them this year.  In addition to the student planners that the school is so happy with, they were also able to make their own IDs this year with the ID maker they also purchased.  "They came out crystal clear!  I have staff who had two or three made up-you know, happy and grumpy, so they can change them out?" He laughs, "Our faculty and staff are great!"  Try doing that with IDs from a company who ships them to you instead!With so many great tools, it seems that it's difficult to pick one that's most useful.  Mr. Ogas says that for his school it's a toss-up between the binder and the poster maker.   "Most districts could benefit from these tools," Mr. Ogas points out.  "They can make huge banners.  I think in the long run it's going to be a good thing." Find out which of their tools would fit the needs of your school or organization by having Margaret or David come by to demonstrate some of this fantastic equipment; we're sure you're going to be sold on it!


Engaging Learners with Whole-Brain Experiences by David Marquez, Educational Specialist.

15 years ago, when I began my Educational career, I became fascinated with the research on brain-based learning.  Much of my undergraduate work centered around this research.  My Professors and mentor teachers were well versed in this methodology, and with their guidance I became a student, of this wonderful educational movement.


What is Whole-Brain learning? I define it as, the intentional inclusion  of activities that are designed to engage learners on multiple levels and across multiple modalities. When teachers use auditory, visual, kinesthetic, emotional, and active learning strategies, in their classrooms, they give students the opportunity to learn in a way that works best for them.

As a special education teacher, I always felt it was my responsibility to teach in a style that best suits my student. Our classrooms are made up of many different types of learners, from vary diverse backgrounds.  It makes sense to teach in a style that accommodates as many students as possible.  Every lesson should include the elements of Whole-Brain Teaching and Learning:

  1. Prior Knowledge - Activates the long and short term memory and allows the brain to make connections between the two.
  2. Emotions - Activate the limbic system of the brain, and activate powerful chemicals in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin.
  3. Visuals - We use more than 50% of our brain to process visual images.
  4. Color - Color connects neural pathways, people recall information to a much higher degree and we comprehend new information by up to 70% when color is incorporated with text or images.
  5. Dialogue - Student to student,and student to teacher strengthens and clarifies the information being presented.
  6. Active Learning - Takes learning to the level of practical application.

These six elements will allow students retain more of the lesson you are teaching, and apply that lesson to new situations as they encounter them.

I have found these teaching strategies to be invaluable throughout my teaching career.  In my position as the educational specialist for Visual Impressions, I am committed to assisting schools in incorporating Whole-Brain learning into their daily teaching.

______________________________________________________Success Story: Special Edition - TACLing Work Skills with Visual Impressions

Bernadine Baca-Spiers knows how to TACL any project with VariQuest's easy-to-use tools and products! She is a Teacher for TACL, or Transition of Adults to Community Living at Los Lunas Public Schools. Her students are 18 to 22 year old special education students who are learning functional work skills in the program. They work with the products from Visual Impressions on a daily basis. Some have higher skills than others and can completely handle programing the devices according to what needs to be done. Other students are lower functioning, but the products are so easy to use that they can still work with them; sometimes, it's as easy as pressing a button! The touchscreen on many of their tools makes it easy to do that. Lower skilled students can use products such as the Cutout Maker easily, so there's something for every student to do.

June Newsletter from InaBind

Bernadine Baca-Spiers holding a Fastback bound braille book created for the visually impaired students . Bernadine has almost the complete suite of tools Visual Impressions sells, including the Poster Maker, Perfecta Full Color Poster Printer, the Awards Maker, the Cutout Maker, the Cold Laminator and the Design Center. While she says all of the tools they have are useful, they probably use the Cutout Maker and the Perfecta Full Color Poster Printer-their most recent purchase-the most. They use the Perfecta and Poster Maker to do everything from blowing up the newsletters the students produce in order to display them, to creating posters for teachers, to producing items for the coaches (such as names and scores and batting averages), to designing posters for activities or special occasions such as the Renaissance event they have. They can also laminate the posters after creating them, which means they can be written on over and over again-making them awesome teaching devices.

This year TACL has purchased the Fastback Model 20 Binder. They intend to use the binder to produce something for their students to take with them when they graduate. "Our students already journal," she says, "We'd like to give them something to take to an employer to show the work they've produced while they were here. Many of our kids don't have good communication skills, and this would be a way for them to show what they're capable of through work they've done, resumes, their journals, etc." They're also thinking of doing their own yearbook, which is super easy with a program like Publisher, the binder, and the variety of cover options InaBind has available. 

When asked what got them interested in purchasing equipment from InaBind, we were told that the director ran into Margaret Otero, CEO at Visual Impressions and InaBind, at a conference while she was demonstrating the Cutout Maker. The director was impressed, and soon she was looking for the funding to purchase one for TACL. "It's easy to use. It has all sorts of shapes that compliment Character Counts education!" They are also able to create material for social studies, science, and other departments' bulletin boards. "If you don't have an idea you can scroll through the templates and be inspired!” 

The Cutout Maker is so useful they have purchased a second one for their Teacher resource center also. "We're lucky to have it,” Bernadine commented. "I have people from other districts that visit and they would just love to have it!" They have other groups on campus that put in work orders, and the students in the program do the bulletinboards. It gives the students real-world experience. They've had the Cutout Maker for 1 ó years, and they've been very happy with it so far. Along with the Awards Maker and the Poster Maker, it has been the ‘best buy' for their organization. 

When asked what Visual Impressions was like, Bernadine mentioned that working with Margaret is great. "The company is always available,” she says. They are also helpful with any questions she has. And the products they sell are fantastic. "I think what's nice about the equipment is there's something for every ability level. I mean low-functioning to high-functioning-from just pushing the button to start it all the way to turning it on, typing into it or 'programing' it, to doing something with the products."


Success Story: Cooking Up Yearbooks From Scratch


If your school is like most, you order your yearbook and send your pages off to be published by a company hundreds or even thousands of miles away. If there are any problems with pages, it takes a while to get them corrected-if you can correct them at all. You have strict deadlines that you have to meet, and if you want your product by the end of the current school year then you are unable to include a good portion of the activities that take place during spring semester. Most distressing, you are likely always running in the red, unable to make as much for the yearbook as you spend on these expensive companies. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a better way to deal with the issues that arise with having your yearbook printed by someone else? Well, InaBind can help you find a solution! They have for Deming High School.


Deming High School prides itself on being one of the few schools in the state of New Mexico which produces its own high school annual from conception to completion.  From an  educational standpoint, using InaBind products is much better than simply sending a packet of pages off to the binder, where half of the work gets finished. "There are so many more learning opportunities afforded to my students by printing and binding our own products," Ms. Jones, DHS Yearbook Advisor, states. "Not only do they get the experience taking photos and putting pages together, they also have to make sure the pages look good printed out, and then they physically bind the books themselves. This means they can make changes, even at the last minute." One year in May they realized that "Congratulations" on one of the first pages was misspelled; they were able to fix that embarrassing blunder before the books were bound by printing out and replacing that single page. They couldn't have done that if they'd been working with a publishing company.


Having softer deadlines can be challenging-you don't want to be printing the entire book at the last minute-but it also offers some advantages. In addition to last-minute changes, because they don't have to have everything in before March, they are able to include important events from the spring semester, including Military Ball, Spring Carnival, the Awards Ceremony, and Prom. They didn't do that prior to using InaBind's equipment.

Binding the books is a learning experience. It can be challenging to students to take their time and do each step with care, but if they follow the instructions they're given then they'll be successful. "It's easy to do, but you have to be careful so you don't mess the book up," says Alexis Taylor, one of the students in the class. "The first couple times you're a little worried [about messing up], but after doing a few books you feel like an expert." At that point, students are ready to teach others how to use the equipment correctly.

In addition to printing the yearbook, they are finding that there are many advantages to having a print shop and bindery on site. With the products they've invested in from InaBind of New Mexico, they are also able to do fund-raising for their program. For example, in addition to doing the high school's yearbook, they also create and print the fall, winter, and spring sports programs, calendars for the Art Club, and memory books for some of the groups on campus. So not only does investing in products from InaBind save money on the front end-it costs less for the initial investment in a binder of our own than it does to order the yearbook through a company, for example-but it actually makes you money on the back end (once the initial investment is paid off, you can bind as many items in as many sizes and quantities as you need or want for cost of materials). Mrs. Garney, the principal of Deming High School, praises the organization's initiative in doing the entire yearbook in-house. "It's one of the clubs on campus I don't worry about funding!" she states. "I know they always have money." The savings allows yearbook to invest in more equipment, such as cameras or laptops. "And new equipment from InaBind!" Ms. Jones says with a smile. "We've moved away from printing our own covers using the Foilfast printer InaBind sells. We just wanted a different look after creating one with it four years in a row. The last two years, we've had a contest for the cover design, and we've sent the art in to Margaret Otero at InaBind and she gets it printed up to our specifications. They make it so easy to work with them! I have a feeling, however, that we'll be swinging back toward the Foilfast covers again in a year or two. Change is nice!"

The biggest challenge that comes from printing and binding your own yearbooks doesn't have anything to do with the equipment. InaBind offers anything you can imagine to make producing quality products simple and easy. The hardest part comes in the creation of the pages that you want to print. "Because I took over from someone who was already creating pages from scratch, I was able to see how she did it and build on her foundation," Ms. Jones admits. "However, that was more a lack of familiarity with the publishing software that is available than anything else. After you use a software program for a little while, you have the basics down. The rest is just icing."

Another fear that may be keeping people from taking this step to printing and binding their own books is the concern that they won't get the support they need to produce a quality yearbook. This is not the case. "InaBind is great at supporting us! Any time I have a question or a concern, they are conscientious about addressing it," says Ms. Jones. She goes on to add, "They've always been attentive to the needs of our program. We've been very happy with the company." This is Ms. Jones fifth year working with InaBind while being in charge of the Yearbook at her school, and she says she hasn't even considered going back to one of the big publishing companies. "Why would I?" she asks. "There are just too many advantages to doing it ourselves!"

One more advantage to using InaBind's equipment is that you don't have excess product at the end of the year. You print up exactly what you need, so you don't have boxes of unsold yearbooks-there isn't waste. You can order some extra covers if necessary, then If someone comes in and wants a yearbook from the previous year, you can print one up for them and bind it, practically while they wait. This also allows Ms. Jones to let her fall class experience the binding process, so they practice all aspects of creating the book. When asked what he liked about creating their own yearbooks, senior Ricky Morales stated, "It's more raw somehow. It feels more natural. It's like, instead of buying a sandwich, we're making our own!" And they can eat up all the satisfaction that comes from it! 

______________________________________________________Meat InaBind’s Newest Team Member - David Marquez!

iab 0215

We are so excited to introduce you to David Marquez, the newest member of our family. David started with Visual Impressions/InaBind on January 5,2015. Prior to that, he was with Belen High School for 5 years, and before that he was at the Magdalena School District for 10 years. David has been using Visual Impressions' and InaBind's tools since 2003 when he was teaching in Magdalena.

"I have used all of the Visual learning tools, and the book binding machine. The Perfecta and Poster Makers work great for enlarging instructional materials for visually impaired students, cooperative learning groups, story mapping, campus and classroom signage, student and athlete recognition, diagramming sentences, math procedures and number alignment, and literacy, literacy, literacy. The Cutout Maker is great for hands-on (kinesthetic) learning with it's manipulative shapes, numbers, and letters. In addition to creative bulletin boards, I integrated products from this tool into my Orton- Gilingham reading program, to combine word and letter sounds. I used the award maker for everything from student achievement and recognition, to fund raising for my athletic teams. The book binding machine allowed my students to publish the school yearbook in-house when I was at Magdalena. Our students were also able to publish their own stories with this tool which made the process simple and very personal and rewarding for all", says David.

When asked why he wanted to come to InaBind, David said " What made me want to work with Visual Impressions/InaBind was the fact that I have used the products throughout my teaching career, and I believe that this company truly want to put the BEST tools in the hands of teachers."

What is David's favorite product?  "The Perfecta large format printer is my personal favorite. I love it because it prints in beautiful, vivid, flawless colors, which really POP when you see them! As far as "must have" products, I believe every school should have the Complete Suite (Design Center, Awards Maker, Cold Laminator, Perfecta, Poster Maker, and Cutout Maker)!"

David will be focusing on integrating his 15 years of teaching experience into helping schools see the inherent value of these tools.

"I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with such a great company, and wonderful people. I truly believe that these products will enhance learning for all students!" says David.

Welcome, David! We're delighted to have you as part of our team!


Real World Success Story: Los Lunas Public Schools

We recently spoke with Toni Castillo, the Director of the Teacher's Resource Center for Los

Lunas Public Schools, who purchased several items from InaBind this school year. She purchased a Cutout Maker, Design Center and 12 Learning Modules for the Teacher's Resource Center in early August.

Toni is really happy that the district was able to work it into their budget, and it has worked out as wonderfully for the school system as she hoped it would. Staff members-including teachers, secretaries, and assistants-are usually the ones who operate the machines. On average, about 30-40 people use the equipment on a weekly basis. 

In order to make sure everyone knew what they are doing with the new equipment, Toni set up a three-day window for a training seminar with Margaret from InaBind. The trainings were about 45-60 minutes long. As Toni said, "It has helped teachers at all levels tremendously!" This is the kind of investment of time InaBind is regularly willing to offer its customers. Toni Castillo and Los Lunas Public Schools are appreciative of their service.

Los Lunas teachers and staff prefer the new machine over the old die cut system.  There are several advantages to it.  For one, it makes multiple copies.  Then, they can get 10, 20, even 30 cutouts from one page.  This really saves money because it saves construction paper. They also recycle the unused portions of paper from making large cutouts for use in making smaller cutouts later. 

Another advantage is that it's much faster.  The teacher or staff member can get their order finished in minutes because it really streamlines the process. They also have more to choose from as far as cutouts go-there are more subjects to choose from.  For instance, their are over 3800 shapes, 14 fonts and 172 bulletin board collections that cover all subjects from grade school through high school.  So the variety is nice and added to the appeal of getting the Cutout Maker from InaBind. 

Las Lunas is happy with the equipment from InaBind, but they are really impressed with the customer service.  Toni expressed a concern that their Design Center sometimes did not respond quickly.  it. The manufacturer immediately replaced it for them and Margaret provided a loaner. Toni and the Resource Center have been really happy with the customer service.  That's one of the things InaBind is known for, and yet again they proved they deserve the reputation they have.


Real World Success Story: Dr. Gladys Herrera-Gurule, Enos Garcia Elementary School, Taos

This month we are featuring Enos Garcia Elementary School in Taos. Centrally located in the heart of Taos, EGES' mission is to create a joyful learning environment in which each child is a successful and empowered member of the community.

Dr. Gladys Herrera-Gurule has been the Principal of EGES since 2012. She began her educational career in 1980 as a Kinder and 1st grade teacher. Since then, she has taught in the K-20+ spectrum and has served in different administrative capacities in the public school and higher education systems and the New Mexico Public Education Department. Dr. Herrera-Gurule has achieved a Level 3 Administrative and K-8 license with endorsements in Bilingual Education and Modern, Classical and Native Languages.

Dr. Herrera-Gurule purchased the VariQuest Perfecta 2400 System at the beginning of the 2013 - 2014 school year and, most recently, a Cutout Maker from InaBind.

We spoke with Sarah Bradley, the Title I lead literacy teacher at EGES. Ms. Bradley has worked at EGES for 14 years and has worked with Dr. Herrera-Gurule for three years.

Ms. Bradley said that the endless variety of options for both machines offers multiple professional uses both in individual classes and school wide.

"So far the Poster Printer is our favorite and we have really used this to create a variety of posters for both classroom and school wide use. We have made posters for information, decoration and celebration. The multiple options for creating posters which include creating, scanning and transferring from a zip drive makes it easy and convenient to use. The new Cut Out Maker may soon be our favorite. We just received the equipment Maker may soon be our favorite. We just received the equipment and training and have not had enough time to explore all the possibilities," said Ms. Bradley.

Ms. Bradley couldn't be more pleased with her experience working with InaBind. "InaBind's service is excellent!! They respond immediately to requests for estimates for new equipment and supplies. They have offered full day training on our new equipment to accommodate teachers prep schedules and have worked through technical questions over the phone. Margaret and Chris are knowledgeable, patient and efficient! We have had an excellent experience working with InaBind."


Real World Success Story: Nina Otero Middle School


This month we are featuring Nina Otero Community School - Home of the Mustangs!  Santa Fe Public Schools' newest K-8 school features state of the art technology infrastructure and equipment, an early childhood wing and playgrounds, music, band, choir, orchestra, and art classrooms, science labs, a competitive middle school gym, a performance stage, library, and much more. 

Dr. Jennifer Duran-Sallee is the Principal of NOCS and has been a customer of InaBind for over 7 years.  When she joinedNOCS, Dr. Duran-Sallee knew that she needed to purchase VariQuest products from InaBind for her staff.  To date, she has purchased:

  • Poster Maker
  • Cutout Maker
  • Design Center and Software
  • Awards Maker 

She has also purchased a TCC 2700 hot laminator fromInaBind.  

"The teachers (at past schools) loved the tools, so I knew we needed them at Nina Otero", says Dr. Duran-Sallee.  "Now they're upgraded and even better than they were before.” 

When asked about her favorite products, Dr. Duran-Sallee said that the laminator is very popular, but that her staff loves thePoster Maker, especially now that it's connected to a computer.There are nearly 700 customizable templates available with VariQuest software, and teachers have the ability to automatically print posters based on student birthdays and automatically print posters based on student birthdays and attendance for example. 

Dr. Duran-Sallee also loves the service she receives fromInaBind.  "It is great - very friendly!  And they will also come out and give you one-on-one training."



Real World Success Story: NM School Tools can help you produce impressive learning materials


You've all seen our displays at many conferences but you may not know that we are not just another pretty face.  We have an outstanding selection of tools  and resources to help you achieve your objectives.   

A local business with 15 years of experience working with New Mexico schools, we have both credibility and experience along with state of the art technology to help you easily and affordably impaact student achievement and teacher efficacy.

Among the amazing resources and learning tools we offer are: 

  • Video and Live Training.  Schedule an on site training, sign up for Live Webinars or scroll down a little farther to watch our Pre-recorded training videos on your own schedule.
  • Lessons and Activities. Curriculum-based lessons and activities featuring different ways VariQuest Visual Learning tools can be used together to enhance instruction and help students meet and exceed standards. 
  • Classroom Applications. Information and applications specifically for teachers.
  • Funding Sources.
  • White Papers.

We also offer preventative maintenance and full equipment service, along with the most comprehensive Service Agreements anywhere.  Why do schools buy our Service Agreements?

  1. Convenience: Most schools rely heavily on their VariQuest and Fastback tools to promote student achievement and teacher efficacy. When equipment fails, without a service agreement in place, you must first get an estimate to be submitted for approval. Obtain a PO and schedule the repair.  With our service agreement, you can simply schedule your repair.
  2. Uptime: A service agreement includes at least one Preventive Maintenance call per year to identify potential problems before they become critical. The end user can schedule a service call as soon as a problem is detected and customers with a service agreement generally receive dispatch priority.
  3. Expense predictability: Service agreements help you control your costs. You can budget exactly what you are going to pay for repairs without variances.
  4. Peace of mind: We have all experienced critical equipment failure at the most inopportune time. The ripple effect of equipment down time can be felt by staff, students, parents, projects and deadlines. A service agreement will minimize these worries and keep your support production running smoothly. 

These are just a few of the ways that Visual Impressions/InaBind  can help you enhance communication and produce large static visuals that support all academic areas.


Real World Success Story: Comanche Elementary School

Dan Bernard, Librarian at Comanche Elementary School in Albuquerque, is a devoted Visual Impressions/InaBind customer. He previously worked at a school that had a poster maker and found it to be an amazing tool for teachers. When funding sources were not available, Dan found a way to raise the money himself to purchase a Perfecta Full Color Poster Design System for Comanche Elementary. 

The system allows you to use all colors and creates a more detailed poster than products he's used from other companies, and he says it has more versatility than he's seen with other poster makers. 

In addition to its versatility, another reason Dan cites for choosing the postermaker from InaBind is the excellent customer service the company provides. "They really work with us. They even came down and gave us a professional development demonstration during a staff meeting." They showed everyone how easy it was to use the equipment, and the printed poster clearly showed them the quality of the product. 

For example, you print out on 8.5" X 11" paper what you want the postermaker to make, scan it, and press a couple buttons. It takes about 20 seconds to one minute to scan, and then it prints out this beautiful product. It's very user friendly. "Everyone was impressed," Dan said. 

Since then, Comanche Elementary Staff have used their Perfecta Poster Design System for the school's Science Night, Science Fair, Literacy Night, Math Night, the Scholastic Book Fair, and their annual "Blankets, Brownies, and Books Night." The colorful, professional quality posters really catch the eye and help promote all of these programs. 

In addition, after school clubs and classroom teachers use the machine. By laminating the posters, which allows them to write on them with Vis-à-vis markers so they can change dates and on them with Vis-à-vis markers so they can change dates and times, they'll be able to use them year after year. 

Even with all this use, however, they haven't gone through a whole roll of paper yet. Each roll allows them to make 30-40 posters-depending on the sizes of the posters, of course-and there are a variety of papers available to choose from. Dan said he prefers a medium grade quality paper so there is no chance or the color to bleed, which could happen occasionally with a lower quality paper. Even so, Inabind's prices for the paper are very reasonable. 

When asked if he had any concerns about the equipment, the only thing Dan could think of was the paper-catcher on the front of the machine. It's a cross catch, plastic, horseshoe-shaped item at the bottom of the stand that catches the paper as it's printed. It folds down so you have to be careful with it. "If used often, I can see a problem down the road." So far, so good, though. 

So what was the biggest selling factor for Dan and his team? This one potential issue certainly didn't put him off. "The printer, scanner, and touch screen were important and made it worth buying. The touch screen is easy to navigate. And it will print exactly the color image you scan or print off another color printer."

Although at this time he has no need to purchase other equipment, next year they plan to extend the warranty on their current machine. With the fair prices and how well they work with their customers, however, Dan says he'd go through Inabind for other equipment as well.


Real World Success Story: Loving the Binding System!

Jones, Yearbook Instructor at DHS in Deming, New Mexico, loves the flexibility InaBind's equipment offers her program. The Yearbook staff in Deming, NM love the Fastback binder they purchased from InaBind. Being a yearbook class, the binding system is extremely useful to producing the Wildcat annual. 


"I love the binder! It's awesome! It enables us to completely control our yearbook publication. It also gives the program more independence from submission deadlines because everything is done in-house. "Having the machines from InaBind-especially the binder-allows us more versatility. We can personalize each yearbook for the students, giving them their own unique first page with a photo and a message. I like that we're the only school that I know of that binds our own yearbook!" Ms. Jones says with a smile. "That makes my students feel so proud, and it really gives them ownership of the work.

It's very easy to use the equipment as well. "I can show my students one time how to use it and they rarely make mistakes after that." That's because the process is simple and the binder is well-made. "I haven't had any problems in the three years Ive had it," Ms. Jones stated. "It's never messed up on me! Jones continued to say that the equipment also gives them a chance to include more in the yearbook for a lower price. "To publish and bind our 200+ page annual here at school costs us about half of what it would cost us to send it off. Other companies are twice as expensive for yearbooks that are half the size-plus you have to deal with the inconvenience of sending it off to be published," stated Jones. "We'd much prefer to use InaBind!  We bought the equipment, and now we can bind exactly the number of books we want." The equipment also allows them to go back to a previous year and print more copies if they need them. 

Overall, everyone is pleased with the products and the service of the helpful people at InaBind. We asked Jones how she felt about the service and she said, "They always go above and beyond what's expected to make sure that we're satisfied with the product. I'm more than happy with the service!"


Real World Success: Our Products win awards

How's this for a success story? Two of our products have been selected for the District Administration Magazine’s "Readers' Choice Top 100 Product for 2013." This year's winners were chosen from more than 1,800 nominations sent by K12 leaders who detailed the products'positive impacts on their schools.

Our Perfecta 2400 full color poster design system from VariQuest was developed exclusively for schools. This poster-design system comes with a scanner, printer stand, and touchscreen Design Center powered by VariQuest software with hundreds of templates and graphics. Teachers and administrators can use the Perfecta 2400 to post academic standards, test scores, infographics, event information, and academic achievements on school walls. We are the exclusive New Mexico dealer for VariQuest products, including the new Perfecta!  

Our Kurzweil 3000 literacy softwarewith Firefly, an app for iPad, is a Universal Design for Learning assistive technology, text-to-speech program with a suite of reading, writing, test-taking, and study skills tools that makes curricula accessible to all students. It's appropriate for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, and also for English-language learners. We're the exclusive New Mexico dealer for Kurzweil, too. 

To learn more about how full suite of Kurzweil and VariQuest products can help you educate, motivate, and communicate, contact us at (505) 268-6520 or toll free (866) 462-2463 or email.  ______________________________________________________

Real World Success: Alta Vista Middle School

Mark Barela, Principal, Alta Vista Middle School in Carlsbad, loves every InaBind and VariQuest machine hes ever purchased. In fact, he calls them heaven sent. 

"We have everything! We recently got the new color postermaker (the Perfecta with VariQuest Design Center 2300), he says. "That has been heaven sent. Were using it every week for our accelerated reading and math classes to celebrate weekly winners, as well as our End Student Apathy campaign.” 

Barela says the Cutout Maker is it the "best product for teachers to cut graphics for bulletin boards. Like little footballs and helmets, different sized symbols and letters including borders. We have a rainbow of paper so teachers can make whatever they need. 

For Barela, the Fastback binding machine gets heavy use making pamphlets and booklets of activities. The schools Colibri book covering system will protect yearbook covers.

"I'm such a fan of all the machines. I was a teacher before becoming an administrator, and one of the hardest things is being able to do something creative, quickly. We love the ease of putting together cut letters and posters - no going to the store to buy supplies! Teachers want to create something quickly. 

To learn more about how the full suite of Fastback, Colibri and VariQuest machines can help you educate... motivate... and communicate! Contact us at (505) 268-6520 or toll free (866) 462-2463 or email.  


Real World Success: Perfecta at ABQ Public Schools

Don Gonzales, a teacher in the Career Technology Education department at El Dorado High School, was the driving force in the Albuquerque Public Schools' purchase of 6 Perfecta™ 2400 packages for the district's high schools.

iab 1113

The Perfecta is the first full color poster design system of its kind: a compact and user-friendly printing system that contains everything schools, need to start creating beautiful, full-color posters as well as 8.5" x 11" up to 13" X 19" prints.

The Perfecta comes with the new VariQuest Design Center 2300, which contains thousands of templates and graphics. A printer stand making the printer conveniently mobile, and an 8.5" x 11" scanner, giving you scan to print capabilities is also included. The Design Center 2300 also works with all of the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, (Cutout Maker, Awards Maker and Poster Maker), making it a great addition to your equipment selection.

iab 1113a

"We chose the Perfecta system because it was the best system for our needs - to create posters for around the schools," says Gonzales. "We use them for fundraising, for classrooms in all areas - culinary arts, working with young children, DECA, desk top publishing, etc."

Remember how we’ve told you that setting up and using the Perfecta is super easy? Before Margaret even arrived to train Gonzales on the Design Center and Perfecta, he had already started printing! "After the 15 or 20 minutes of training, I went 'wow!' It was that easy to use, a real plus for any technology," he continues.

To learn more about how the Perfecta can integrate with your existing machines and help you educate... motivate... and communicate! Contact us at (505) 268-6520 or toll free (866) 462-2463 or email.  


Real World Success: Pueblo Pintado Community School


Vicki Duncan, Librarian at Pueblo Pintado Community School uses her Poster Maker and cold laminator to create enormous (44 inches wide) posters for classrooms and hallways. 

"Most of the time we use it for announcements, graphs and charts for reading and math," she says of the Poster Maker. "The laminator we use a lot to laminate completed puzzles that teachers then display on the walls of classrooms. That's a different use than anything we've seen before."

Laminating completed projects is one of the more innovative and interesting uses for the Xyron 4400 that we've seen, too. Perhaps that's the reason Vicki recently ordered several years' supply of laminate and paper for the machines. Or it could be that Vicki's retiring this year and wanted to be sure her successor had plenty of supplies on hand.  

Either way, Vicki and her school are putting the Poster Maker and laminator to good use. If you'd like to learn more about how to use your Poster Maker, laminator or other machines, contact us at (505) 268-6520 or toll free (866) 462-2463 or email.  


Real World Success: Belen Consolidated Schools

 couldn't ask for a better example of an organization that uses state of the art technology to support their teachers, staff and school organizations. than Belen Consolidated Schools. Teacher Resource Center facilitator Jamie Brown not only trains teachers to use the Variquest, Fastback and other machines they purchased from us, she also fulfills orders for materials from teachers, staff and administrators.   

 Belen's equipment is centrally located in the Teacher Resource Center, where they train all their teachers at the beginning of the year. We asked Jamie how she likes her new Perfecta and Design Center from VariQuest, which she received in June.

 "We've done welcome posters for classrooms and some signs for the workroom. And we've tried out all the different papers - heavy weight coated paper, semigloss, gloss, and polypropylene for outdoor use," she says.  "Teachers have already shown interest in the Perfecta for posters that they would normally buy. Now we can easily do them in house."

 Jamie has praise for the Fastback binding system, laminator, paper cutter and folder from InaBind, too. "They are amazing. Margaret is on top of everything with excellent customer service. And Sean fixes our machines when needed. Which is not very often." 

 "We're a self-service center," she continues. "And if the teachers need help, I will. I also fulfill a lot of orders. But the machines are all so easy to use that teachers take advantage of them often." 

 One feature of the Perfecta that Jamie likes is its compact footprint and user-friendly touch screen system with templates and graphics already loaded. The new Design Center 2300 also works with all existing VariQuest equipment (Cutout Maker, Awards Maker and Poster Maker), making it a great addition to your equipment selection.


 features include:

  • Lower cost of maintenance
  • User-replaceable print heads
  • Quiet operation
  • Variety of print media from regular bond paper to polypropylene matte for outdoor use.
  • Intuitive, built in touch screen for easy navigation
  • Integrated sheet-fed tray up to 13" x 19"
  • WiFi enabled.

For more details on the Perfecta, and how it work for you, contact us today at (505) 268-6520 or toll free (866) 462-2463 or email.  


Real World Success: Us!

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 3.09.24 PM

We're mobile! Our new RV showroom, nicknamed the Tool Bus, took us more than 15,000 miles around New Mexico. We traveled from Acoma to Zuni, from Grants to Ruidoso, from Dulce to Las Cruces - and needed no space to set up, and no need to disrupt staff until they were ready to see us.

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 3.09.49 PM

At Red Rock Elementary in Gallup, we parked right next to the building, ran an extension cord to power the machines, and spent 3 hours showing teachers and administrators how our machines work. Then the bell rang and 50+ kids came through the Tool Bus, too. What fun that was for everyone!

We also became the exclusive NM distributor of Kurzweil Educational Systems software. Kurzweil's text to speech, assistive learning tecnology makes curricula accessible to all students. It is particularly appropriate for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, those who require reading intervention, students struggling with reading comprehension and English Language Learners (ELL).

Special thanks to Bob MacKay for finding and outfitting the Tool Bus for us! To schedule your Tool Bus visit, call us at (505) 268-6520 or toll free (866) 462-2463 or email.


Real World Success: Algodones Elementary School


Christine Miller, School Secretary at Algodones Elementary is a fanatic about cutting straight lines. That's one of the reasons she loves her Poster Maker from VariQuest Visual Learning Tools.

 "Love the cutting part," she says, of the tool that gets tremendous use for projects like behavioral reminders, calendars, science charts, yearbook posters, and other visual aids around the school. "I also like it because it has blue ink, our colors are blue & white, and that the ink doesn't fade quickly." 

 Miller uses her Poster Maker to make the Algodones "Triple A Way" posters that remind kids to practice respect, safety and responsibility.  "We post these everywhere - in the hallways, the gym, the bathrooms." 

 Miller's had the Poster Maker for 3-4 years, and it gets a lot of use. She makes sure they don't run out of paper during the summer when the school's summer academy programs run.   

 "You can't mess it up. And we're trying to save paper, and the Poster Maker tells us how many feet we have left - that helps," she says.


Real World Success: Cleveland High School

Cleveland High School

Cleveland High School loves their Fastback machine so much, they made a video to tell everyone about it! 


Real World Success: Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School

Tammy Hartt, Workroom Manager at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in Rio Rancho loves her Cutout Maker. 

"I have to use it every day, it's so great!" she says, of the machine she's had for three years. "Teachers love not having to come and do manual die cuts. With so many different designs, the Cutout Maker is really great." 

Hart uses the time saving Cutout Maker for everything from shapes and manipulatives for math to holiday cutouts for bulletin boards. The two template modules she uses most also include leaves, animals and more for social studies, science and other subjects.

"Plus, the Cutout Maker is so easy to use," she adds. "I just punch in the information, and the software does it all. Today, I had to cut out 625, half-inch circles, which would 

have taken hours with a manual die cut. With the Cutout Maker I just punched in everything and went on to other projects!" 

The time savings is key for Hartt, as is the savings in paper because the Cutout Maker automatically positions the cutouts to make efficient use of paper.

"It cuts to the edge of the paper, so there's no waste. We save tons of paper, and tons of time," she says.

Ask us about how the Cutout Maker can save you time, paper and money, too. Call us at (505) 268-6520 or toll free (866) 462-2463 or email.

Real World Success: Salazar Elementary SchoolWorld Success: Salazar 

Vanessa Romero, Principal of Santa Fe's Salazar Elementary School, praises the VariQuestPoster Maker for its ease of use, speed and high quality end product.

"We've had the Poster Maker for a while, and the teachers like that they can blow up prints to use  immediately. It's that fast," she says.

 In fact, the Poster Maker can enlarge 8 1/2" by 11" documents to poster sizes ranging from 17" to 36" wide.These large visuals for classrooms and hallways really reinforce key concepts, encourage cooperative learning  and promote school pride. And with nearly 700 customizable poster and banner templates all stored in the VariQuest software, the Poster Maker is a quick, easy and reliable way to enlarge standards, learning targets and other key information.

"The teachers use it all the time," Principal Romero continues. "They do the poster printing themselves, but I've also helped make posters for staff use, too."    

Find out more about the VariQuest Poster Maker today. Call us at (505) 268-6520 or toll free (866) 462-2463 or email!


Projects and Partnerships Build a Stronger Future

Suzie Boss discovers how schools are partnering with business to build a stronger future for students in Albuquerque. 
"On a visit to the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Leadership High School in the Old Town area of Albuquerque, New Mexico, you might be struck at first by what this unique public charter school lacks. There are no classes in the traditional sense. No bell schedule. No cafeteria. No hallways -- just a big, open space in an industrial building that once housed a call center. On the perimeter are eight classrooms that are assigned to projects, not teachers."



Success Story: Sarracino Middle School 
January 2013

Cindy Martlock, Library Media Specialist at Sarracino Middle School in Socorro, is known as the Poster Maker Lady.  She uses the Poster Maker every day, and doesn't know what she, or the school, would do without it. 

"We love, love, love our poster maker. We use it for everything," she says. "The folks at Socorro High School come down and use it, too!" 

Sarracino MS poster queens 
Margaret Stanley & Cindy Martlock

In fact, they use the Poster Maker for so many things, it's easier to just list them:
 Enlarging student work to display in classrooms and hallways. The school's renaissance rewards program (in which students write poems), includes blowing up winning poems for all to see.
A recent pink ribbon cancer promotion included enlarging a student poem and presenting it to the nurse involved in the program.
The school's Sunshine club award given to good citizens each month.
Blowing up testing and other data and posting it in the teacher's prep room.  
Posting SBA testing anchors.  
Displaying behavioral expectations in hallways.
Hanging maps, testing times and places.
Displaying concession stand price lists.

The school has had the poster maker for more than 5 years, and Cindy says customer service from InaBind is great, too.  "Working with Chris is great - orders are here the same day or next day. And my questions always get answered," she says.


Keeping the Heart in the Community
July 27, 2012

We're so excited! We are preparing for the second printing of "The Heart of the Story". This oral history captures the charm of a small village just 10 miles southeast of Carlsbad, New Mexico. These unique and interesting tales from Loving NM community members are forever preserved. See more details at The New Mexico Students' Publishing Club.


The New Model 20 is here!
April 13, 2011
The latest from Fastback®, the Model 20 is a great choice for fast, versatile, and durable tape binding. The Fastback® 20 works with all of our Fastback® materials, from the versatile Super Strip to the customized Image Strip to the Perfectback strips for perfect binding books. It can create anything from a simple report to a 350-sheet hard cover book.


We are the premier distributor for Drylam products featuring the ALM 3220 Automatic Laminator. 


Open House
May 27, 2011
Our thanks goes out to all who helped celebrate our open house and Fastback
® 20 ribbon cutting, on May 27th.  With lots of fun and great food, our wonderful guests donned sunglasses to help launch our new campaign.  

“Our future just keeps getting brighter!” 


“Our future just keeps getting brighter!”

More of our Fastback® family with bright futures:

NMSBA School Law Conference 2011

Santa Fe Community College                                                                                   

CRC and Associates

Easy-to-use binding systems give your students the chance to make their academic mark.

Calling all teachers! We are looking for 4th and 5th grade teachers who would like to publish a local history project. In celebration of New Mexico’s 100 years of statehood, InaBind of New Mexico will select 5 NMSPC applicants to receive a one year membership at no charge. Finalists will be selected upon submission of an essay outlining the applicant’s potential project, and any salient qualifiers maintained by the applying school.For project criteria and application please contact Margaret Otero at 866-462-2463. 

Essays should be submitted via email to Attn: Margaret Otero.



Image Strips make a lasting first impression!
What is an Image Strip?
The Image Strip is the ultimate in personalization. With the custom Image Strip, you can create your own, unique binding strips. You can design your own or we can help you create a one-of-a-kind strip for you or your company 

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